Atlast Dollar Deals is a warehouse distributor that supplies bulk products exclusively to its child stores. The company utilizes a sophisticated website to facilitate easy and efficient bulk ordering by child stores, streamlining inventory management and enhancing store operations.

Atlas Dollar Deals
Custom E-commerce Website Development


Atlast Dollar Deals was grappling with a cumbersome process for daily inventory updates, which required manual data entry from CSV files and image uploads.

This routine was labor-intensive, necessitating a dedicated employee to export product data and images from Windward System 5, their existing software system. The inefficiency of this process not only consumed significant resources but also had a high potential for human error, greatly impeding the company’s ability to swiftly and accurately update inventory and other critical data on its website.

This led to delays and inaccuracies that could affect sales and customer satisfaction. The primary challenge facing Atlast Dollar Deals was to significantly enhance the frequency and efficiency of inventory updates with minimal effort, aiming to reduce operational costs and improve the overall functionality of their online platform.

Implementing a more streamlined and automated inventory management system was essential for improving operational efficiency and ensuring consistent accuracy in inventory records.


Our team conducted thorough research and development on Atlast Dollar Deals’ existing software, Windward System 5, and identified its API capabilities as a pivotal integration point.

By leveraging the System 5 API, we developed a seamless connection between their local software and the live cloud-based website. This integration facilitated the automatic synchronization of stock levels, new product additions, and order management directly from the local software to the website in real time.

We implemented various features on the client-facing side of the website, including a POS-style ordering area, comprehensive product listings, and efficient account management tools. For the administrative backend, we provided robust functionalities such as dashboard analytics, user and role management, inventory categorization, and detailed invoice and order histories.

Additionally, automated cron jobs were set up to ensure regular data synchronization and system updates, minimizing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.

Tech Stack

  • laravel
  • php
  • MySQL
  • jquery
  • livewire


The integration of System 5 API transformed Atlast Dollar Deals’ operations, significantly reducing the manual labor involved in daily updates and improving the accuracy of inventory data on their website.

This solution not only freed up valuable human resources but also enhanced the user experience for child stores through streamlined ordering and inventory management processes. The automated system allowed for real-time updates, which kept the inventory and pricing information highly accurate, leading to improved order fulfillment rates and customer satisfaction.

Overall, the project delivered substantial operational efficiencies, cost savings, and an enhanced platform for managing business operations more effectively.

Certified professionals in diverse fields.


Certified professionals in diverse fields.
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Projects completed with dedication
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